RARA-AVIS: This Sporting Life....

From: Steve Novak ( Cinefrog@comcast.net)
Date: 18 Feb 2008

Gentle...gentle Charles...or I¹m going to add many smileys to any post...

Montois in a non-rugby mood...

By the way:

Anyone knows about crime novels with rugby in them???...I know of one being written at this time by a French author and friend...but aside from that???

On 2/18/08 5:25 PM, "hardcasecrime" < editor@hardcasecrime.com> wrote: Mark wrote:
>> > Man, have I been struck by the sheer
>> > nastiness of the responses to my
>> > innocently offered idea. That'll
>> > learn me...
> Not intending to pick a fight here, Mark, but you didn't
> just "innocently offer" your idea -- you offered it and offered it
> and offered it again, insistently and naggingly, until this annoying
> meta-discussion about how best to hold our discussions represented
> the majority of the messages coming across my screen today. In the
> face of zero support from any quarter and more than a few people
> saying, "Sorry, nope, not interested" you kept insistently and
> repetitively explaining why you were right and all the people you
> were failing to persuade were wrong.
> I don't think anyone would have responded particularly negatively (in
> terms of tone -- they would still not have liked your idea) if you
> had just said ONCE, "Listen, I know this might be a lot of work, but
> I, at least, would like it better if we made the following change and
> here is a list of the reasons the rest of you might like it better,
> too. If no one's interested, fine; if you are interested, let me
> know and I'll see what I can do to help make this happen."
> But that's not what you did.
> For the record, no one could accuse me of being a Luddite and I do
> appreciate the reasons some other platforms might be better, but you
> know what? There's something to be said for inertia, something to be
> said for the status quo, and even if I hadn't read the many messages
> from people who don't want any change and the zero messages from
> people agreeing with you, I'd have come down on the side of
> encouraging the moderators to leave things the way they are.
> Now, speaking only on my own behalf (but I suspect I'm not the only
> one who feels this way), can we please let this topic die?
> On the other hand: If you have anything to say about the actual topic
> of this list -- crime fiction -- I very much hope you will go ahead
> and post it.
> --Charles

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