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From: Steve Novak (
Date: 18 Feb 2008

And I also support this view: if we ³have to move², for whatever reason,
(and the future of Yahoo is not at all certain at this time), I will try to follow because what happens interest me also, but right now, I¹m satisfied with the status quo...but if necessary......


On 2/18/08 4:42 PM, "logan keith (keith)" <> wrote:

> Mark,
> Thanks for letting me (us) know about the possibilities out there. Personally
> I am quite happy with the format; I receive Rara-Avis in digest format, and
> simply scroll past posts that don't interest me. I in fact prefer to receive
> them and ignore them because, sometimes, as I scroll by I will notice that the
> discussion has shifted to something entirely different than what the subject
> line indicates, something that does interest me. I am willing to put up with
> some stuff that I may not like to have access to lots of stuff that I do or
> potentially may like. I see filtering threads excluding me from some
> interesting conversations, those ones that I potentially might not know about.
> And the most emoticon-like I get is something like ;)
> But I will follow Rara-Avis to such a forum if it someday does go there,
> because what happens here interests me. But I, at least, am satisfied with the
> status quo.
> Best, Keith Logan

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