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Date: 18 Feb 2008

Read it. Loved it. Pretty sure I said so here.

Chabon's ability to bring a fictional alternate society (An "Alaskan Jewish" culture with fifty years' worth of clashes/assimilation on-going with the local natives and many immigrants from the lower 48 laid out as a back-drop from a classic hard-boiled police procedural, wow, what a concept!) roaring to life, to paint with such delightfully authorative broad brush strokes, well, it's truly the work of a master.

I just finished his latest, GENTLEMEN OF THE ROAD, for which he says the working title was "Jews With Swords." As a kid who cut his literary teeth on Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E. Howard, I loved this tribute to high historical adventure fiction.

And it had a delightfully hard-boiled ending, too.

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  I recently enjoyed Michael Chabon's The Yiddish Policeman's Union, an
  alternate history slash crime novel. Anyone else read this yet?

  Chabon's detective story was not a send-up of the genre, which I
  appreciated and should have expected following his previous book, The
  Final Solution

  Moving on now to Loren D. Estleman's Gas City.


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