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Date: 18 Feb 2008

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> As Todd Mason can tell, I'm probably the only one on this list who likes De
> Palma's films, and I've even been interested in his bad ones (well, not much
> so with The Untouchables, even though some of the scenes are very
> energetic). But just to save bandwidth (and everyone's precious time), I'll
> refrain from further comments. I've written about some De Palma films on my
> blog, Pulpetti.

I love Blow Out, which has a truly noir ending. Dressed to Kill is a successful update on Psycho. The Untouchables is beautiful to look at, tells its story well and benefits from fine, if scenery chewing performances from Sean Connery and Robert DeNiro. I may have forgotten another one or two, but by and large, it's all downhill from there. and in many cases, it's a steep drop

John Lau

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