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It's Occam's Razor for the web: the simplest solution is best.

Plus, the potential/temptation for a retroactive shifting of one's position in light of new evidence in subsequent posts that one was off one's proverbial rocker in a previous post (not that *anyone* here would do that sort of thing in the heat of discussion: I'm merely speaking in the most general of terms, naturally) is a pretty big disincentive.

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  Not meaning to be belligerent about this :), but with other web-based
  formats that are more advanced than the rather primitive Yahoo Groups, you
  can have the very broad range of personalized functionalities I have
  described, including the ability to receive emails but **only** the emails
  you want to receive. Let me put it this way: if formats exist (as they
  clearly do) that would allow rara-avis-l members to do all that, what
  argument is there for us not availing ourselves of them? I'm just not
  getting it.


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> > The bottom line is, using thread subscriptions on a web-based forum, you
> > greatly reduce the number of emails you receive that are of
> absolutely no
> > interest to you. I consider that a gain. Sure, it's good to visit
> the forum
> > once in a while to check out new topics, but that's no big deal;
> create an
> > icon on your desktop and click on it occasionally. A web-based forum can
> > accommodate more subscribers, posting on a wider range of potentially
> > marginal sub-topics (and off-topics), without any strain whatsoever.
> >
> Mark, this is a web-based forum. As a subscriber, you can choose the
> "web only" option. This is what I do (no email). I only read the
> threads I want (thread drift aside, of course) and I don't mix email
> with the forum. It is not painful at all.
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