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From: Mark R. Harris (
Date: 18 Feb 2008

I disagree quite strongly with respect to "efficiency," and I would be interested in hearing other viewpoints. This shouldn't turn into a standoff between you and me; something very important is at stake here, and members should have their say. I would be particularly interested in hearing from those (who are surely out there) who belong to groups such as those I have been describing. My experience with such forums has been delightfully positive, and inspired me to put this proposal in front of rara-avis-l. I think it is quite wrong to suggest that such groups are necessarily
"facebookish," which has a pejorative, scornful-of-youth sound. Believe me, there are many such boards that deal with very mature topics in a very mature way!

Evolution happens.


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> > Not meaning to be belligerent about this :), but with other web-based
> > formats that are more advanced than the rather primitive Yahoo
> Groups, you
> > can have the very broad range of personalized functionalities I have
> > described, including the ability to receive emails but **only** the
> emails
> > you want to receive. Let me put it this way: if formats exist (as they
> > clearly do) that would allow rara-avis-l members to do all that, what
> > argument is there for us not availing ourselves of them? I'm just not
> > getting it.
> I don't know that the membership wants a lot of personalized
> functionalities. Personally (!) I hate all the buddy facebookish stuff
> and would not want to take part in a facebookish discussion group. I
> don't have a lot of time to spend on the web, which doesn't
> particularly attract me, generally speaking. The forum, as it stands,
> allows anyone who has something to say to get on the soapbox and say
> it. It is efficient.
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