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De Palma movies I prefer is "Carlito'way". Very strong noir movie; and the actors are exceptionnal. Pacino is really great, as Penn, Leguizamo and Guizman. Blow up is a very good thriller, with a lot of suspense. John Littgow, playing the killer, is really frightened, weird. I like Carrie but it's dated. But it's one of the best Stephen King novels adaptations. And I liked "Causaulties of war". Sean Penn is very good. It's not just a war movie but it treats about the influence of a leadership and a group effect with the collective rape of the girl. Actually, De Palma made a prequel of "The Visitors" by Elia Kazan. He imagines what's happened before "the visitors" came.

William Ahearn <> a 飲it :
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> But I agree
> with this poster about *Carrie *-- first rate -- and
> although I don't think
> *Dressed to Kill *is "better than *Psycho*," it's
> pretty darn strong. *Body
> Double *is an interesting effort I'd like to
> re-visit, and *Blow-Out* is an
> excellent thriller (acknowledged by Tarantino) with
> perhaps John Travolta's
> best performance.

See Carlito's Way. It's really a fine movie with an incredible performance by Sean Penn. While all this can just be reduced to preference, I take issue with Blow Out and could care less what QT thinks of it. Blow Up is -- even with some apparent shortcomings -- a brilliant film that covers material rarely dealt with in thrillers. If there's a disproof of the pop culture notion of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, Blow Up is it. The Conversation is also a wonderful thriller about an odd and damaged individual and I'll take the ending of The Conversation over Carrie any day of the week. Sometimes less is more. Blow Out is a pretty good B movie. To me, for the most part, De Palma is always a day late and a sawbuck short. Casualties of War being an excellent example. He'll probably be remembered for inspiring recycling . . .


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