Re: RE : RARA-AVIS: Re: movie remakes

Date: 17 Feb 2008

> And that is completely understandable. My problem with
> De Palma is that he's a schlock director. Every film
> buff's viewing needs some schlock and some of it is
> immensely entertaining. It's when people start
> comparing him to the directors he's "inspired" by, I
> take umbrage with it. Yes, talk about film needs to be
> un-snobbed but that shouldn't open the door to every
> imitative hack who ever made a film to be taken
> seriously.
I've enjoyed a few of his films quite a bit, but found a great deal of his work unwatchable. his recent version of Ellroy's BLACK DAHLIA utterly embarrasses a lot of big name actors. he's a visual skillset in the service of nothing. I do an impression of him where I walk rapidly around someone

John Lau

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