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I was afraid to step in here (given my known history of squabbling with WA), but really, I'm more a De Palma fan than not. I haven't seen everything of his, by any means; I need to catch *Carlito's Way*, for example. But I agree with this poster about *Carrie *-- first rate -- and although I don't think
*Dressed to Kill *is "better than *Psycho*," it's pretty darn strong. *Body Double *is an interesting effort I'd like to re-visit, and *Blow-Out* is an excellent thriller (acknowledged by Tarantino) with perhaps John Travolta's best performance. De Palma's consistent weakness in comparison to his master Hitchcock is "third act" problems; he and his screenwriters start the films strongly and then are not always sure where to take them. That's a reason why *Carrie *stands out, because it has got not only a strong ending for De Palma, but one of the best final scenes ever. Even when you know the shocker involved, you can re-play this scene endlessly for sheer pleasure in its craft; and that's true of a number of sequences in De Palma's work. I wouldn't claim for him the psychological depth of a Hitchcock or a Fritz Lang, but I don't think he's so easily dismissable as people sometimes make out.


On 2/17/08, vagrantpacific <> wrote:
> > Did DePalma make anything that needed to be made?
> >
> > William
> >
> -- That needed to be made? What does this mean? Are you trying to
> build a cannon of cinema? Or are you trying to say that thrillers
> "need" to serve some sort of function other than their thrills?
> Thrillers in both fiction and cinema serve deep, deep needs, which is
> probably why they're so popular. You Christians seem to love noir and
> thrillers because they serve to protect your Platonic beliefs.
> Buddhists, like myself, really like them, because they offer a chance
> to show character outside of the formal Christian dogma. Or, wait, did
> you even mean philosophically? My bad. Carrie is one of the best
> representations of teenage angst out there. Dressed To Kill is better
> than Psycho, because it's sexier and funnier. Carlito's Way is
> probably the best modern hardboiled crime film ever made, despite all
> the scene chewing from Al Pacino. Body Double is a fantastic film
> noir, that's so L.A., it probably doesn't even seem noir to people
> outside of L.A. And then, remember, a lot of you fellows get so wet
> over Tarantino, and that trog wouldn't even exist if it hadn't been
> for all that he stole from DePalma.

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