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Date: 17 Feb 2008

Oh yes Carlito's Way with Pacino and Sean Penn and John Leguizamo and Carlos Guizman (what a great actor! do you see him in the serial tv "Oz" ?) is really a great movie! Noir, hopeless, about the ancient values and trahison.
  New Scarface is very violent, bur it's about the new gang generation, the extreme ambition withour morality and feeling (Scarface lets his friend to be tortured with a chainsaxw without moving), and the demesurate love for the power.

William Ahearn <> a 飲it :
--- jacquesdebierue <> wrote:

> > Yes De Palma "Scarface" was prettty good, but so
> different from the
> original. It's difficult to compared.
> >
> Not for me. I love the original and strongly dislike
> the remake. This
> was one remake that didn't need to be made, in my
> opinion.
Did DePalma make anything that needed to be made?


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