Re: RARA-AVIS: My First Whitfield

Date: 17 Feb 2008

Some of Whitfield's short stories, many he wrote under the name of Ramon Decolta, reappeared in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (EQMM) in the late 1940s. One series of Jo Gar stories that immediately comes to mind is THE RAINBOW MURDERS published in EQMM from Feb to July of 1949.
  They include: "The Rainbow Murders Begin" (originally titled
"Diamonds of Dread" in Black Mask), "White Duck" ("The Man in White"),
"Yellow Death" ("The Blind Chinese"), "Red Dawn", "Blue Glass", and
"Rainbow Murders End" ("Diamonds of Death").

By the way, does anyone know if this series ever came out as part of an edited volume of Whitfield short stories? I know they are not part of Crippen & Landrau's JO GAR'S CASEBOOK (2002).

Best, Harry

Quoting "Mark D. Nevins" <>:

> De-lurking momentarily to note that I read my first Raoul Whitfield
> this week, and I really enjoyed it.
> DEATH IN A BOWL is a nice tight proto-hard-boiled novel. As most of you
> know, Whitfield (astonishingly, he has *no* Wikipedia entry!) was a
> contemporary of Hammett's; he seems to have written just three novels
> but dozens of short stories (mostly ARGOSY and BLACK MASK, I assume?).
> See here for a nice snapshot:
> DEATH IN A BOWL is a murder mystery with a great cast of characters and
> locales, mostly taking place in and around Hollywood. I'm generally not
> a fan of whodunnits, but in this case the prose really carried the day
> for me--it's echt hard-boiled, and I can't believe no film was ever
> made of this one, because it's almost impossible NOT to "see" this
> novel in black-and-white as you read it, and some of the dialogue begs
> to be heard aloud.
> I'm officially putting Whitfield onto my "faves" list, and will turn to
> his other two novels real soon (I have the No Exit editions, which I've
> found here and there--I note his stuff is not easy to find.)
> Any Whitfield aficionados here?
> Best,
> Mark Nevins
> P.S. Tip of the hat to RARA-AVIAN Keith Logan, whose off-List advice
> caused me to move Whitfield higher in my stack.

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