Re: RARA-AVIS: Woolrich's FRIGHT

Date: 16 Feb 2008

The idea of a second degree murderer having to work through or process a lot seems to dovetail fairly nicely with what MacDonald said about a writer such as Poe, and perhaps Woolrich, needing a creative outlet to process their emotions as much as their characters do.

Best, Harry

Quoting Patrick King <>:

> The most interesting aspect of the book to me, was the
> problems presented to a murderer who has not been
> detected. Many books seem to assume that if you've
> gotten away with a murder, one pretty much forgets the
> crime. For normal people, this cannot be true.
> Watching Marshall's paranoia destroy his life gave me
> a lot to think about regarding things I'm working on.
> The second degree murderer who is not psychotic has an
> awful lot to process.
> Patrick King

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