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Date: 16 Feb 2008

Yes Tourneur adaptation is considerated as an horror movie. I first saw the movie; for me it was a good movie but not frightening. After I read the book. Black Alibi was first Woolrich novel I read and I really loved. After it i read all the Woolrich novels and short stories. When I was twenty he was my favourite author. Black Alibi got a very hard suspens; it's awfull because every chapter pr鳥nts a future victime and the reader knows she going to die. I remember particulary the murder of a little girl at the moment she is coming home, at her entrance door. Woolrrich is pkaying with the reader because there everis a possibility for the victim to survive and escape at the killer. but the posibility never works and the victim dies.
  It's a crime story beacause the solution is totally rational. In fact it's the story of a serial killer who gets a jaguar as Black Alibi.
  Fabienne> a 飲it :
   This is a good point. If we were playing the old which-one-does-not-belong game with Woolrich's "black series" (The Bride Wore Black, Rendezvous in Black, The Black Curtain, etc.), I'd choose The Black Alibi. I myself enjoyed this book as much as the others (in terms of style and atmosphere, it is consistent with the others), but the pleasures it offers set it somewhat apart from the rest of Woolrich's black series.

Tourneur's adaptation of the story is generally categorized as horror, isn't it?

I've just begun reading a paperback collection of Woolrich's stories titled Beyond the Night that was explicitly marketed as horror: "SIX TALES OF HORROR TO FLUTTER THE HEART-AND CHILL THE MIND." A link to the cover:

--- In, Jeff Vorzimmer wrote:> > I've read the novel, but not the story and I would classify it ashorror or supernatural, but definitely not crime fiction.> __._,_._


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