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Date: 15 Feb 2008

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> I think where Irreversible failed was with the characters. I didn't
> really care about them. If the events had been presented in
> chronological order it would have been completely uninteresting. Guy
> Pearce's character in Memento, on the other hand, was sympathetic. I
> felt for his situation and his problems, and I think the movie was
> much more successful at driving home the point of the pointlessness of
> revenge, which was theme I think both films were trying to make.

I don't glean that point from Irreversible at all. in fact the only point I get is that rape isn't sexy, it's horrible. and because the rest of the film just seems to be an exercise in style, it even calls that point into question. I mean... horrific rape as style? how pretentious is that?

John Lau

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