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Date: 15 Feb 2008

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> Yes, Irreversible is poorest compared to Mememto as a crime movie. It's
> more about relationship between a man and a women. I'm not so sure that the rape
> scene was gratuitious. RI think That Gaspard Noe tries to show the horror of
> a rape in a realistic way, to explain the cruelty of the murder. the first
> barbary we see (the murder) is narrativelu justified by a first one barbary.
> It' because the rape is very abject that the revenge is really violent
as difficult as that rape scene is to endure, the murder that opens the picture is something to behold. a guy gets his face beat in with a fire extinguisher (IIRC) in one long take. I watched the picture with a director I was working with at the time, and neither of us could figure out how they did it

Irreversible is certainly no Memento. Memento is endlessly watchable and Irreversible makes you want to bury the DVD under your house. but what's most interesting to watch is how the cinematic style changes as the story moves backward to its beginning. frenetic and skewed from fade up. serene and beatific at fade out. almost like a happy ending if you didn't have the disturbing knowledge that it ain't exactly so

John Lau

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