RARA-AVIS: Re: 77 Sunset Strip and The Saint Magazine

From: Tim Wohlforth ( timwohlforth@opendoor.com)
Date: 14 Feb 2008

In answer to Jim's query I really don't remember the staff editor's name. I do remember Charteris' visit and his cultured English accent. Also Ed Burns who, not surprisingly, looked exactly as he did on TV. What I remember most about my "cellmate" (very small offices) was one day he was called into the boss's office and came out with the assignment to create from scratch a series of pulp magazines. I remember ghost, horror, western, true crime, police. He made some calls to agents and in a few days the manuscripts poured in. Idea was to dump these new pulps on the distributors who pay a percentage up front. In the meantime they kept switching printers all over the U.S. and Canada getting 3 months credit from each. Then the whole Ponzi scheme collapsed. I am not sure they got beyond creating covers for the new pulps to line the reception area. But I do remember the total mags they claimed to publish - 21. And GAP was no hole in the wall. We had posh Madison Avenue offices.

All very noir.


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