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Date: 13 Feb 2008

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> You'll find that almost all Woolrich's male characters are like
those in Fright--whining, self-indulgent, petulant, and morally ambiguous, while his female characters are strong, reserved, determined, and confident. That's what makes a Woolrich novel a unique experience.

I just read Woolrich's short story "Murder, Obliquely" and this was definitely the case, strong female - weak male. I also found the story unique in that it seems to skirt around the edges of what's going on. After reading it I didn't necessarily feel that the narrator was really the main character, if that makes sense.

The story was made into an episode of the Showtime series FALLEN ANGELS back in 1993. On a side note, I really want this series to come out on DVD!!!

John Weagly

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