Re: RARA-AVIS: NYC Music Scene connections

Date: 13 Feb 2008

Set a bit later, in the East Village jazz scene was Tin Angel by Paul Pines. Picked up as much for the author's name being similar to that of John Evan's PI as for the jacket copy, the book was very good. And even I, at the time even more of a jazz neophyte than I still am, was able to identify several of the famous jazz musicians barely hidden behind their name changes. I'm sure a more knowledgable fan would get even more out of that aspect. It was only a few years ago, when reading his obit, that I found out Pines had owned a '70s East Village jazz club called the Tin Palace, which explained why he knew the scene so well.

John Browner's Death of a Punk was set around the CBGBs punk scene. And Charlie Huston's vampire, Joe Pitt, was turned in that club's legendarily grimy bathroom.


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