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Date: 12 Feb 2008

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> Yeah, I too am a New Yorker and appreciate that aspect of the novel.
He mentions restaurants and bars that are long gone. I must say in the midst of a lot of Woolrich bashing going on here that I enjoy his books tremendously, although I do find his male characters tiring at times. A point that bears repeating about Woolrich, and it's not true of most of his contemporaries, is that you never know how the story will unwind and he always manages to maintain tension throughout.

I don't think he's been much bashed... I do think he's an author whose appeal is variable, far more variable than, say, Chandler's. And I don't know if you were here when certain volleys were let go about Chandler and even about Hammett. What the hell, if we are trying to reassess a classic writer, there _should_ be dissenting opinions, anything from he sucks to I'm in love with him.

One personal Woolrich effect I've noticed: the impression he maks depends very strongly on my mood. This is not very noticeable when I'm reading Chandler, Gores, Thornburg or John D. I think Woolrich is special.



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