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From: jacquesdebierue (
Date: 12 Feb 2008

--- In, Patrick King <abrasax93@...> wrote:
> Well, here's one crime novel that deals with the beat
> counter culture. Or at least the author meant it to:
> There are many not-so-old crime novels that deal with
> the bee-bop jazz scene, which the beat movement
> emerged from.
> I'd say the absents of beats in golden-age crime
> stories has more to do with the fact that many of the
> authors, themselves, were from that scene and
> perceived that readers were neither interested or
> accepting of that culture. These authors wrote for
> money, after all. They wrote books they believed
> people want to read, not necessarily what they,
> themselves, want to write.

David Halberstam discusses some of this in his history of the fifties.
 His telling leans towards nostalgia, but he does gather a huge amount of material on the era. It's a good read. He discusses Spillane and the original paperback golden era.



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