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From: Fabienne soldini (
Date: 12 Feb 2008

Hello Juri
  In France, we don't know that Finnish theorie.
  I don't konw the original titles; so iItry to ttranslate the French title but it's not necesserary the same title, and it creates confusion. For Bloch I've read, a long time ago, Psycho and "Chicago Butcher" (le boucher de Chicago). I've liked the both.
  A Finnish autor I really love is Arto Paasilinna. It's very funny with a subtile philosophy of life. He's not exactly an author of crime stories, but he wrote noir novel. A very funny book which is noir, what is translated in French, "une douce empoisonneuse". Spoiler: it's about an old women who lives quietly in a little house in the forest. One day, her nephew and friends of him came to visit her to get money. The nephew and his friends are not very clever and really lazy. She became afraid and decided to leave her house and to go to Helsinky. the nephew wants to murder her to get the money, but she's poor. She decided to suicide herself by poison but with a lot of quiproquo, she doesn't die but murders by accident her nephew and his friends. it's very funny. And today I buy another book of Paasilinna: "hurmaava joukkoitsemurha" translated in French as "Little suicides with friends"

Juri Nummelin <> a 飲it :

sorry, I misunderstood the title you were talking about. (About de Rais: there's a Finnish book on him and that writer refutes the theories of him being a serial killer.)

As for Bloch, it's been years I read THE DEAD BEAT, but remember enjoying it. I just liked PSYCHO and THE SCARF better.



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