RARA-AVIS: 77 Sunset Strip

From: Richard Moore ( moorich@aol.com)
Date: 12 Feb 2008

Oh, I've watched reruns of 77 Sunset Strip recently with enjoyment but the enjoyment in the episodes I've seen is primarily nostalgic. I enjoy watching all those old WB shows not because they recreate a period in America because they don't, other than such things as the cars and hairstyles and not because they are particularly good. I enjoy seeing the old actors going (usually rather stiffly) through their paces and often laugh out loud at how much the writers could get away with in those days. I have fonder memories of Peter Gunn but I have not watched one in many years. Some of the Johnny Staccato episodes are quite good. There is one with Cloris Leachman that is stunning.

Do you really think Kookie's dialog is an accurate reflection of the patter as spoken by hipsters circa 1960?

Richard Moore

--- In rara-avis-l@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff Vorzimmer" <jvorzimmer@...> wrote:
> > wonder if it would hold up? Mysteries too tied to music trends
> > hipster lingo date very badly. It's like watching a rerun of "77
> > Sunset Strip" and listening to Kookie go through his patter. Too
> > gone Daddy.
> I've been watching reruns of 77 Sunset Strip lately and I'll have
to say
> that they're actually as good as I remember them. I disagree with
your point
> on slang. To say something is "dated" suggests you're talking about
a story
> from the not-too-distant-past, in which their is a lot of slang
from a
> period in which it has just recently been out of vogue. If you're
> the same story or watching a show like 77SS 50 years later it helps
> the whole time period and can be nostaglic (if you're old enough),
> again, or new to you (if you weren''t around then) and interesting
to hear
> the patter as spoken by hipsters circa 1960. I laugh when I hear
> again all these years later, just like we laughed at him then. Same
> hearing Wilbur again in Peter Gunn. It's a gas, man.
> Haven't read Bloch's Dead Beat, but I just recently read Markson's
> for a Dead Beat and the beatnik lingo really helps recreate the
time period.
> Jeff

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