Re: RARA-AVIS: Mystery of rare gems missing!

From: Jeff Vorzimmer (
Date: 11 Feb 2008

Two of the three books you mention were published by Lion, which I don't think had the same size press runs that Gold Medal had. The Gold Medal PBO you mention, Black Wings, had only one printing. Believe me there are thousands of Gold Medal paperbacks still around even if thousands have been destroyed. You probably won't find them on the internet unless their somewhat rare such as those you mentioned. As an example, my local used bookstore sells books on, but they don't bother putting all the Lion and Gold Medal paperbacks they have, even tough they sell them for about $5-10 each. I still find them for as little as 49 cents in some used bookstores.


> What happened to copies of works like 'Sin-pit' (Paul Meskil), 'Black
> wings has my angel' (Elliot Chaze) and 'Bodies are dust' (P. J.
> Wolfeson)? At least publishers like Gold Medal must have printed
> thousands of copies for these books. You want to read them, look for
> them on every site and what what you find are just a couple of copies
> available and that too very expensive. I'm sure lots of people don't
> want to part away with their copies but still it seems to me like a
> mystery. Could be that these books were destroyed at a mass scale,
> unintentionally?

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