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From: Fabienne soldini (
Date: 11 Feb 2008

Yes, I read it and I didn't like it. So much easy. It's not exactly a crime story even if the main caracter becomes a murderer. It mixes historical novel with crime novel and diiferent kinds of things. Finally it's, in my opinion, a book without a great interest. The story is spending in Paris but the author is German. In France, that book encouters a lot of successl. Many people read it and loved it. But not me. And differents friends of mine didn't like it too. I don't know if it is based upon a true story but I don't thing so. The descrption of Paris is right, a poor and very dirty city, but the caracter is so incredible to be believable.

sonny <> a 飲it :
          has anyone read Perfume by Patrick Susskind? i have not, but am interested in what those who have thought of it.

i know the original book is in French, as the author is French, but i am interested in the english translation.

is it based on fact?

--- Fabienne soldini <> wrote:

> I don't heard about a refutation of the storie of Gilles de Rais. He was
> execed for the murders he comitted and the historians said there were a
> lot of children bodies and torture instruments in his castle.
> "Concerto pour l'鴲angleur" that I've transated by "Concerto for a
> strangler" is Woolrich novel. It's about a man who kills his victims by
> strangulation. One chapter for one murder till the end where the reader
> discovers who is that myterious strangler.
> Fabienne
>> a 飲it :
> Haven't the stories about Gilles de Rais been refuted by
> recent historians?
> I remember reading that it's been said that the stories were invented
> because some people wanted him to look bad. (And he certainly did,
> didn't
> he?)
> Robert Bloch is a noir writer, in my mind, and he even makes fun of the
> shadowy effects of many noir films in THE SCARF, which some think is
> better
> than PSYCHO. Bloch wrote about Ed Gein in an intro in a book whose title
> I
> forget, but it was reprinted in MURDER PLUS, a late eighties anthology
> of
> true crime writing.
> I think Fabianne means CONCERTO FOR A DEAD BEAT. That's also a noirish
> crime
> novel, albeit not one of Bloch's best.
> Juri
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