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Date: 10 Feb 2008

Ok. Thank you for dating this applelation. In France, it's really new (tewety years ago). Now the police is researching serial killers (tueur en s鲩e), and, by a strange coﮣodence, it founds! But there were a lot of serial killers before: Gilles de Rais, the most famous, who was fighting with Jeanne of Arc again the English, and raped, tortured, and murdered about 150 little boys (we don't know exactly how many because he was a Lord, and the children are poor children, so in that histrical context, not really important... poor children life didn't matter!), Landru of course (Charlie Chaplin made a movie about him :"Monsieur Verdoux", doctor Petiot, but the booth are not exactly serial killers, even they killed a lot of people, because they killed for money.

William Ahearn <> a 飲it :
--- Fabienne soldini <> wrote:

> And [Bloch and Woolrich] created the caracter of
"serial killer",
> which became very important in the crime novel since
> the nineteen's. Norman Bates is the first one most
> "popular", more famous serial killer (not called
> like that in the fifteen's)in litt鲡ture and in
> cinema .

Not so fast. The concept of serial killer goes back to Victorian London and Jack the Ripper. It's safe to assume that Jack wasn't the first. Sweeney Todd certainly comes to mind. As for films, Hitchcock's The Lodger (1927) and Fritz Lang's M (1931) were the earliest films about serial killers and 1932's Doctor X was released in the US. Michael Powell's Peeping Tom was also ahead of Psycho by a year. Stop me before I go on. Researching this stuff lately. BTW, the term serial killer was coined in Paris after the war by French critics . . . no, it was in the 1970s by a profiler and a shrink and they dispute which one of them came up with it. They too argue about definitions
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