RARA-AVIS: robert bloch based norman bates on woolrich?

From: sonny ( sforstater@yahoo.com)
Date: 09 Feb 2008

this is what i remember hearing years ago. in the book, norman is short and stocky. hitchock changed that of course, but the quote posted here previous by his editor said he was 'skinny', so i'm confused.

either way, i think bloch knew woolrich and used some of 'him' in the character. the relationship with his mother has been mentioned.

obviously, the psycho plot has nothing to do with woolrich. it's either based on ed gein which many claim. or not, as i then heard that psycho was written before gein's story was public.

but psycho and bloch are OT, sorry. i brought it up because of what i'd heard about woolrich and norman


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