RARA-AVIS: Re: Dave Zeltserman Reviewed in ELLERY QUEEN

From: jacquesdebierue ( jacquesdebierue@yahoo.com)
Date: 09 Feb 2008

--- In rara-avis-l@yahoogroups.com, JIM DOHERTY <jimdohertyjr@...> wrote:
> In the latest issue of EQMM, Jon L. Breen's "Jury Box"
> column includes a review of a New England-set cop
> novel, called BAD THOUGHTS, by our own Dave
> Zeltserman. You can read the review here if you don't
> want to buy the issue off the newsstand:
> http://www.themysteryplace.com/eqmm/jury/
> Incidentally, the issue also include Raymond
> Chandler's second published short story, "Smart-Aleck
> Kill," in its BLACK MASK section.

Congrats and best luck to Dave. And Chandler's Smart-Aleck Kill is a hell of a good story. Like most here, I am a fan of the pulps and have consumed many pulp stories, but Chandler really stands out among the fierce competition. His stories are endlessly rereadable.



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