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Thank you for the precisions. I've forgotten "The bride wore black" aslo was Fran篩s Truffaut'movie. Whriting my first mail I was researching who was the realisatior, thinking"I know him"! I'm sorry for my very bad english and all the faults: I forget words, I forget lettters...

William Ahearn <> a 飲it :
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> hi everyone
> Cornwell Woolrich is very known in France as
> William Irish. He is one of my favorite autor, and
> at the age of twenty I read everything he wrote.
> There is another French film with Jeanne Moraeau
> adapter from "The bride werre in black". I don't if
> it's the orginal tile; i just translante the French
> tile "la mari饠鴡it en noir". it was au vey good
> movie; in my opinion, better than Truffaud movie.

Actually, that was a Truffaut film, The Bride Wore Black made in 1968.

For a more complete list of films based on the work of Woolrich, go here:

and there are some further listings in the biography.


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