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Here's what Chuck Kelly had to say:

> Thanks for your question on the two versions of The Name of the Game
is Death.
> There are, indeed two versions, both published as
> Fawcett Gold Medals. The original one was published in 1962, and
the revised
> version was published in 1973. It is sometimes said that the 1973
version is
> a "toned-down" version, but, with a couple of exceptions, that
really isn't
> true. In fact, it's basically just a rewrite with some different
> paragraph structure, etc. The significant differences in the story
in the two
> versions, and they are rather subtle, have to do with a couple of
passages in
> which the main character discusses his sexuality with his new
> Hazel Andrews. In the 1962 version, the character appears to be a
bit more
> uncertain about his heterosexuality than he does in the 1973
version. Also,
> in the 1962 version, there's the implication that killing turns him
on, which
> is removed from the 1973 version. The change probably was made to
make the
> character fit more closely the "secret agent" Drake character
readers knew by
> then, one who was sexually potent and a tough guy, but not a wanton
> The Black Lizard edition actually is a re-issue of the 1962 version,
so you've
> read the story as Marlowe originally wrote it.

--- In rara-avis-l@yahoogroups.com, DJ-Anonyme@... wrote:
> Steve wrote:
> "It certainly sounds as though the rewrite wasn't all that extensive,
> not nearly as much as I'd been led to believe. But that same someone
> else I mentioned above says there were some subtle but major changes in
> the Earl Drake character. I've asked for permission to quote him, and
> assuming that I do, I'll post what he told me in full."
> I can't answer that. I'd be interested in your correspondent's
> observations.
> I read the later one, which I found first. I picked up the first
> edition when I saw it, but have never read the whole thing, although I
> do intend to at some point. However, I did compare the beginning and
> end and posted them here.
> Mark

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