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Date: 09 Feb 2008

hi everyone
  Cornwell Woolrich is very known in France as William Irish. He is one of my favorite autor, and at the age of twenty I read everything he wrote. There is another French film with Jeanne Moraeau adapter from "The bride werre in black". I don't if it's the orginal tile; i just translante the French tile "la mari饠鴡it en noir". it was au vey good movie; in my opinion, better than Truffaud movie. In the eigthies there also was the adaptation of "j'ai 鰯us頵ne ombre" (I apologise: I dont know the original tile) made by an american film-maker, robin somethin i think, with nathalie Baye and the spanish actress, Victoria Abril. And tjhere also was in america the adpatation of "Blac Alibi" made by the Franch maurice tourneur. "Black alibi" was the first woolrich novel I've read; the suspens was so exicting, so amazing that i felt in lolve, in a litterary xay of course, of this author.
  Best whishes

William Ahearn <> a 飲it :
--- Jeff Vorzimmer <> wrote:

> > I'm reading the Cornell Woolrich Omnibus. I've
> read the short stories,
> > including 3 O'Clock and Momentum as the best.
> The Penguin Omnibus is probably a good place to
> start with two good Woolrich
> novels--I Married a Dead Man, which, by my count has
> been made into a movie
> three times, and Waltz into Darkness.
Waltz Into Darkness has been made into film at least twice. Once by Truffaut -- with Belmondo and Deneuve, no less -- as Mississippi Mermaid and Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas had a go in Original Sin. Since Waltz Into Darkness is my favorite Woolrich and may be my favorite all-time noir novel, I was disappointed by both films. At least Truffaut didn't turn it into a comedy as he did with Down There.


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