From: Steve Lewis ( stevelewis62@cox.net)
Date: 08 Feb 2008

In a discussion prompted by my posting the Pop. Library cover to I WAKE UP SCREAMING, by Steve Fisher, it seems to have been fairly well established that Fisher "modernized" the Bantam edition which came out in 1960, and this is the one that Black Lizard used later on. See http://mysteryfile.com/blog/?p=506#comments.

But another question which hasn't been settled yet, even though I've been asking around, is about Dan Marlowe's THE NAME OF THE GAME IS DEATH. It is known that the book was rewritten when Gold Medal decided to make Earl Drake into a series character. But when Black Lizard did their edition, did they use the first, tougher version, or did they use the second, revised one?

                -- Steve

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