RARA-AVIS: Re: LA Tour launch 3/8: Raymond Chandler's Bay City

From: mmiano3 ( mark.miano@nbc.com)
Date: 07 Feb 2008

What a great and pleasant surprise to see this posting this morning.

Recently, I decided to re-read Raymond Chandler. Just about an hour ago I was reading FAREWELL, MY LOVELY and saw the reference to Bay City. I wondered where it was located in Los Angeles. I also faintly remembered a reference to a Bay City in an old ROCKFORD FILES episode.

Lo and behold, I logged in this morning and found this posting.

I wish I still lived in LA so I could take part in this tour!


> Chandler's Bay City is crook town, run down, shabby town, gambling
> town. Novelist Raymond Chandler gravitated to sin and debauch, so
> Santa Monica in the 1930s was a frequent stop for his anti-hero
> detective Philip Marlowe. From doctors feelgood to second wives with
> pasts to crooked cops with a loathing for a mouthy PI, this tour has
> it all. Chandler's canonization of sin, wealth and sunshine on
> Westside fed the abiding myths of the American hard-boiled genre and
> play into the popular conception of the region.

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