RARA-AVIS: Pamela Fry

From: Juri Nummelin ( juri.nummelin@pp.inet.fi)
Date: 06 Feb 2008


you might want to check my blog:




I'm not at my notes, just like you (actually my wife is sitting at the computer in which they are), but I think the book was published by Wingate in 1953. Someone with Hubin's biblio could check (the CD player on my laptop isn't working).

The book isn't hardboiled, you know - it's as I said, with some noirish touches. I don't remember many details from the book, though. (Sad but true: you get most of your living by reading books and writing about them, but after a while you have trouble trying to remember what you just read. What's sadder is that you remember the friggin' publisher, but not what happens in the friggin' book.)


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