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Date: 04 Feb 2008

One of JCO's work that is noir but easy to miss because it's a fictional bio, it BLOND. It's a fictional account of the life of Marilyn Monroe. It takes place in Hollywood of the 1930s 40s & 50s and it's well researched, although it does opt for the more sensational aspect of the legend. Highly readable. Popyy Montgomery, from Without A Trace, plays the lead in a made-for-tv movie of BLOND, and believe it or not, it's well worth watching.

Patrick King
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> > Any specific Joyce Carol Oates recommendations? I
> know she's got a
> ton of books, I have no idea which are
> Hardboiled/Noir...
> Definitely ZOMBIE, and FOXFIRE is noirish enough.
> Some of her best work
> is in short fiction, and the story that made her
> reputation, "Where are
> You Going, Where Have You Been?" is a devastating
> piece of work very
> Very relevant here. The film made from it, SMOOTH
> TALK, is an utter
> sellout, a real trivialization. And even with that,
> not too bad a
> film...till it's compared with the short story.
> Very little of her work isn't at least somewhat
> grimly criminous...I
> haven't yet read RAPE: A LOVE STORY, for example,
> but I suspect I will.
> Todd Mason

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