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Date: 31 Jan 2008

I've really enjoyed following this particular thread of late. Just for my remedial clarification: would it be fair to say that formula is essentially a template for plot and form is the manner in which the template is put into practice?

Thanks for the great thread!

Best, Harry

Quoting Patrick King <>:

> --- Steve Novak <> wrote:
>> Auster, Robbe Grillet, Perec all are on the fringes
>> of crime/noir, playing
>> with the genre, playing with the themes, the
>> characters, l¹atmosph貥, the
>> style (above all)....all very worthwhile...check it
>> all out...very rewarding
>> no matter what and it unclogs the neurons in ways
>> thousands of other
>> crime/noir stories won¹t
> *****************************************************
> This is very true. Reading these writers, as I have,
> will teach each of us the elements of a story to avoid
> so as not to come off pretensious horse's asses, and
> the elements of style to avoid so as not to bore the
> majority of our readers to death.
> Patrick King
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