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Date: 30 Jan 2008

Auster, Robbe Grillet, Perec all are on the fringes of crime/noir, playing with the genre, playing with the themes, the characters, l¹atmosph貥, the style (above all)....all very worthwhile...check it all out...very rewarding no matter what and it unclogs the neurons in ways thousands of other crime/noir stories won¹t...even if it is simply meandering Œwith the drift¹...even if many other Œserious¹ crime/noir stories are fully inscribed in the genre and even biting examples...

And, given the context, I coudn¹t miss noticing and playing Œfondly¹ with your name... Klute!!!

Steve Novak aka le Montois de D鴲oit

On 1/30/08 6:37 PM, "Shannon Clute" <> wrote:

> Hi Mark,
> I'm a big fan of Auster, and was glad to see you mention the NY Trilogy
> here. As you pointed out, he takes conventions of detective fiction
> and makes something very new of them. The investigation is into
> meaning itself, how it can (or can't) be constructed in narrative, and
> how the meaning we find (or fail to find) is tied to metaphysical
> concerns. There are two other authors, both French, who seem to have
> heavily influenced this vein of Auster's work: Alain Robbe-Grillet, and
> Georges Perec. Robbe-Grillet's THE ERASERS is a book you might really
> enjoy, and is readily available in English. If it were avaiable in a
> good a translation, you would probably love Perec's LA DISPARITION. I
> loved it so much I wrote my entire dissertation on it. It's a roughly
> 300 page mystery without the letter "e." Some see it as a gimmick, but
> I think it's a deeply metaphysical work, about the relationship between
> transcendent knowledge and mortality. It exists in one very bad
> translation as A VOID (couldn't be called THE DISAPPEARANCE since "e"
> is off limits), but word was, a couple of years back, that a new
> translation was forthcoming.
> Best,
> Shannon Clute

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