RARA-AVIS: Rankin & Leven

From: DJ-Anonyme@webtv.net
Date: 30 Jan 2008

Recently I mentioned that I ran across and ordered a CD collaboration of Ian Rankin and Jackie Leven entitled Jackie Leven Said. I listened to it today. Ian Rankin reads his short story of that title and Jackie Leven and his band interject a few songs, one of which explicitly figures in the story, and provide a few small bits of background music. The story's not hardboiled or noir, just about a son coming home to his mother's funeral, but it's quite good. Rankin tells his story very well, and the music complements it nicely. I haven't t listened to the song about John Rebus on the second disc.

The liner notes are also interesting particularly Leven's which tell of his amazement at running across his name while reading Rankin's Ressurection Man on a plane. He was an artist Rebus liked. This eventually led to Leven's getting in touch with Rankin, which led to a series of collaborations.


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