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Date: 30 Jan 2008

New Christa Faust interview.


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> Vince wrote:
> "I also enjoyed Money Shot. Dark, nasty, no-nonsense, with a great sense
> of the Los Angeles porn underworld."
> I also liked the way she handled Angel's character, the contradictions
> and evolution. I liked how, at the beginning, she was so wordly in the
> ways of porn and nude dance clubs, but was far less knowledgable,
> sometimes even a bit naive about other far less savory, more criminal
> aspects of the sex trade. Malloy helped her navigate this new world as
> she went through her steep learning curve. Similarly, I liked how
> Malloy was totally in charge of the investigatory aspects through much
> of the story. He was once a cop, so he would have the skills, but had
> to rely on Angel for some obscure knowledge of the legalities of the
> porn trade, such as the release forms. I liked how both were very
> believable in what they would and would not know, complementing each
> other well.
> Mark

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