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Date: 28 Jan 2008

You may be right and I may have a wrong impression here...I also think that the fact that not much of foreign crime fiction (noir or not) is discussed comes simply from the (sad) fact that not much is translated...

I loved the language of the first novels in the same sense that I absolutely love Ken Bruen nowadays, but Vachss went away from that a long time ago...his style was biting at one time and the rythm (i.e. cutting/editing) of his novels had pulse, tension and surprise at every turn...then it got very stale and ultra predictable...


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> <<Vachss has been mentioned here off and on about twice a year for the
> last
> few years...I have always sensed that both the personality and the
> subjects
> he covers are not very ³in² Rara-avians at large, whose overall taste is
> much ³classic² (even when it comes to noir) let¹s say and whose forays
> outside the &#65533;canons¹ (even into the multitudes of foreign writers) are
> far
> and few between...>>
> Steve, my impression is just the opposite. Most Raravians I know read
> all kinds of things, canon be damned. Personally, crime fiction is
> maybe 10% of what I read.
> As to Vacchs, I read his first couple of books and they didn't grab me
> enough, so I never went back. Also, I found him preachy.
> Best,
> mrt

Steve Novak

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