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Date: 28 Jan 2008

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> I would be very interested to hear other members views on this
> subject. I look forward to contributing more to this group from now on.
> Cheers, Dan.

Vachss is too heavy handed and one note for my taste, especially in the Burke series. I have read Shella however, and remember it was excellent. for me, I feel I've taken his measure and moved on, as I have from other authors whose work I really used to enjoy, like Leonard, Ellroy, Hiassen. there are others as well, but I'm away from my library. I'm not ready to quit James W. Hall yet, but I've got a few of his most recent backing up in my TBR. I think the problem may be more that there are others whose work I'm more excited about right now, and they keep jumping in front of him. I've got a couple Walter Moseleys that have been in the cue for awhile, but they aren't Easy Rawlins books

and since our unofficial greeter is no longer here to do it, welcome, Dan

John Lau

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