RARA-AVIS: Re:A couple of questions for John Shannon

From: jxshannon2@aol.com
Date: 25 Jan 2008

Mark, I picked finding missing children, partly because it allowed me to go into different ethnic communities and subcultures around L.A., partly because I didn't want to do a professional PI, and partly because saving children is not such a bad thing to do. (For some reason I find cruelty to children so personally unpleasant that I can't even read someone as wonderful as Dickens, because he has so much of it.)
  By talking about reading the Big 3, I don't meant to suggest I don't read other mystery writers. They were just the ones whose works I read obsessively and in their entirety, the way I read Graham Greene or Jim Harrison or others. I've read one or two at least of just about all the mystery writers working now, including some off-beat ones that probably aren't to every taste, like Jim Sallis. Some of these guys are my friends and I have to like them, don't I?
(Joke, please.)
  By the way, I just saw the ARC of my next book, The Devils of Bakersfield, and I'm pleased they saw their way to making it a proper full-color-cover ARC and not one of the cheaper plain-paper ones a lot of publishers have started doing. Ask again in a bit and I'll say something about it. I have to develop some brief promo materials.
  John Shannon

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