From: Mark D. Nevins ( nevins_mark@yahoo.com)
Date: 22 Jan 2008

Having read about 2/3s of Willeford's published work (and fully intending to (re-)read the rest of it--to be honest, I'm saving and savoring it), I'd say TS-IC is brutal, brilliant, screamingly funny in a really black way, and uncomfortably accurate in its description of the typical male psyche. I'd also say it's not entirely typical of Willeford's work. If you liked it, you should definitely read more, including some of the "classics."

Question for the group: I would be quite interested in reading GRIMHAVEN. I am aware that Willeford's widow requested that it not be disseminated, and I respect that. I highly doubt I'll be spending a day at any FL libraries soon, so I wonder if there are other ways I might access the book to read it, without violating Willeford's or his widow's wishes.

Feel free to respond off-line if that's more appropriate, and thanks much,

Mark Nevins


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