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From: jxshannon2@aol.com
Date: 22 Jan 2008

Thanks for the queries.
  In a real sense we're all losers, aren't we? Nobody gets out of here alive. I think of Jack LIffey as someone doing his best, sort of a Canute holding back the tide with a fork. I think he said once we all have this glorious hope that things will work out all right for us in the end, but maybe they won't. And we have to accept that, too, and keep rolling the rock up the hill, like Sisyphus--one of my favorite essays, by the way, the Camus.
  I don't really find LA unlivable, but it has more than its share of oddities and disasters (I had to hustle two kitties away in a fire evacuation this year). I've tried to sprinkle some of that surreal quality through the books. LA is where people come to remake themselves, famously, and there is something of bad faith about that act that redounds on the whole city. It's too easy to carricature the place as all celebrity-mad. I'm more interested in the Nathanael West type folks, people who feel out of place and do the best with what they've got. I suppose that's just the modern condition.
  There's more musing along this line at my website, if anyone is interested, especially under Q&A and LA Lore--which is a long set of answers I gave to my French translator to explain things about LA and America. _www.jackliffey.com_

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