RARA-AVIS: Re: Mercenary Questions

From: Rob Kantner ( rob@9sg.com)
Date: 22 Jan 2008

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> I've always had an immense amount of respect for the authors who
> produce the work we love to read -- particularly the writers who have
> never broken out but keep going back and writing wonderful stuff year
> after year. You really have to admire the dedication and work involved.

I published some detective novels back in the 80s and 90s, and have published mystery and non-mystery short fiction in magazines and on line for 25 years. The book sales were barely marginal and since the last contract ran out I have had, despite a lot of effort, zero success in publication. In the eyes of agents and publishers, having published and not sold well is clearly much more fatal to a "career" than having never published at all.

I keep on writing, though, because I have to. Beyond that, I've had to re-think what I really want out of this. And what I want -- the last element of this weird equation -- is simply to have the work 'out there' and available. Which is why I decided, with the latest Perkins book, to skip 'traditional' channels altogether and put the thing out via POD -- which establishment authors, publishers, and agents often contemptuously refer to as 'vanity press.'

So far, it's been fun. I've had complete control (something I never had going the traditional route); it's selling via Amazon, Booklocker, and even via some independent book stores; to my pleasant surprise it's already broken even; and (most important) the fans seem pleased.

Just my .02. YMMV.

Rob Kantner www.robkantner.com

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