Re: RARA-AVIS: Whole Edgar shortllist (courtesy Bill Crider's blog):

Date: 18 Jan 2008

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> Queenpin by Megan Abbott (Simon & Schuster)
> Blood of Paradise by David Corbett (Random House - Mortalis)
> Cruel Poetry by Vicki Hendricks (Serpent's Tail)
> Robbie's Wife by Russell Hill (Hard Case Crime)
> Who is Conrad Hirst? by Kevin Wignall (Simon & Schuster)

interesting. I just cracked open Queenpin after finishing Cruel Poetry. my first Abbott. she writes like a guy, from back in the day. Vicki's prose style in CP is kind of classic and literary, a departure from Miami Blues and Iguana Love, which are the other 2 of hers I've read. but contemporary at the same time

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