RARA-AVIS: Re:Prisoner, Cell Block H & Missing Black Lizard authors

From: jchocking ( jchocking@yahoo.com)
Date: 17 Jan 2008


Pardon me if, to answer your question, I re-post in part a message I dropped on the Big Adios board a couple months back.

I worked in a bookstore for much of the 1980s and got to watch the original Black Lizard Books flourish and fade. Cleaning up my office, I recently found a copy of the Creative Arts Book Company's Spring 1989 catalog. This was their last catalog to feature Black Lizard Books and lists the planned spring releases that never came to pass. A fan to the marrow, I also used Books in Print to ferret out additional titles that Black Lizard had listed for the trade, but hadn't formally announced. So here they are, the Black Lizard Books that never were...

The Baby Doll Murders by James Causey Death on the White Time by Jim Dawson Frenzy by James Causey Kiss Off the Dead by David Gerrity No Good From a Corpse by Leigh Brackett They Drive By Night by A.I. Bezzerides Thieves Market by A.I. Bezzerides The Box by Peter Rabe Nothing in Her Way by Charles Williams Death Takes the Bus by Lionel White Agreement to Kill by Peter Rabe Its My Funeral by Peter Rabe Black Wings Has My Angel by Elliot Chaze

Posts on Big Adios that followed mine gave several others that were in the pipeline, but never even announced. The titles above I vouch for personally but, for what it's worth, I'll accept the ones below as well. James Reasoner himself added his title.

MAN ON THE RUN by Charles Williams THE DOUBLE TAKE by Roy Huggins DOCTOR SYNTAX by Michael Petracca Lost Echoes by Joe Lansdale Texas Wind by James Reasoner

We really did lose a lot when Random House took over Black Lizard.


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