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Date: 15 Jan 2008

Ha! I'm enjoying everyone's take on our lingo.
  If you're after some top notch Aussie noir, there's a recently released book called THE LOW ROAD by Chris Womersley that is simply outstanding. The fact that when Womersley was asked which 3 books he would like to have with him on a deserted island he chose "anything by Jim Thompson" will give you an idea of what you're in for with The Low Road.
  Also, going back a few years but difficult to find is JUNKIE PILGRIM by Wayne Grogan.

Mark - as for Peter Corris' Cliff Hardy series there are now 31 of them - he was only getting warmed up for the first 15 books. You can see the full list on my website (link is below)

Cheers all Damien

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Steve mentioned the Wyatt series, which I also heartily endorse. My intro to Aussie crime lit, though, was Peter Corris's Cliff Hardy series. I read 15 of those before I stopped being able to find them in the states (were there many more in Oz? the last I read was Matrimonial Causes). Except for being set in Australia, it was a pretty straight PI series, but a very good one, one of the many great midlist PI writers of the '80s, such as Lewin, Valin, Kantner, Pronzini, Collins, etc.


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