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Date: 15 Jan 2008

We British were deluged with Aussie slang thanks to Mr Reg Grundie and his soaps, which became required tea time watching for teenagers whilest I was a lad. Neighbours, original home of the lovely Kylie Minogue, was the big one but
 Home and Away, original home of the lovely Danni Minogue, was the better slang primer. Assaults on the pop charts and pantomime followed for many of the stars of these soaps.
  I loved the sound of it and a lot of has passed into common usage in Britain
- I'm sure Uni for University originated in this way. Home and Away featured a characted called Alf Stewart, the most planly spoken of Summer Bay's residents. You've already had Hoons explained, hooligan, lout, etc. Look out for galaa (sic?) an idiot (please correct me Aus natives!) which I believe comes from a bird that is perceived to be foolish and one of Alf's favourites, "I wouldn't give a brass razoo (sic?)", some kind of worthless or fake currency I'd guess. Home and Away also featured one of my favourite ever lines on TV:
"Shut up Tug, or I'll tell them how you got your nickname."
  To become slightly on topic, Prisoner Cell Block H, a woman's prison drama also made the long haul from the south to British screens. Unfairly characterised as having poorly made sets, which wobbled - absolute critical bollocks
(hoons the lot of 'em), it was a fine programme (for its time and limitations); pretty damn gritty and not afraid to tackle some serious issues at times.

Sorry, that's all very off topic, but I do like Aussies (cricket and rugby fields apart).
  I've never read a single Australian noir or hardboiled, shamefully, but some Australian films are cracking, again, it's off HB (although is fairly noir) and thus topic, so apologies, but I'd recommend Don's Party to anyone, brilliant!

Is there much in the way of Australian crime fiction? Where should one start?
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