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Date: 14 Jan 2008

This rang a bell, and all I really remembered was that the unfortunate woman wa played by Linda Purl.

Checking, I find that this was a 1985 episide of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Not much more information there, but FWIW...

--- wrote:

> In the commentary for the last season of Veronica
> Mars, creator Rob
> Thomas (not the Matchbox 20 guy) discussed a dropped
> storyline he said
> was based on the memory of an old Twilight Zone
> episode, he thought.
> I've never watched that show (though I did see the
> movie a long time
> ago), but I knew this story. Was it also a short
> story? Has someone
> else used the plot on TV or in movies, could it be
> one of the episodes
> remade in the movie? Anyone recognize this plot?
> WARNING: It does contain a SPOILER, as it's the
> twist ending that makes
> the story:
> A woman is raped. Much later, she is driving with
> her husband when she
> points at a man and shouts, That's the man who raped
> me. The husband
> kills the man. Shortly after, the woman points at
> another man, then
> another, and says each is the man who raped her.
> She sees his face
> everywhere.
> Does anyone recognize this story?
> Mark

Ray Zinsius - Superbilliken

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