RARA-AVIS: short story?

From: DJ-Anonyme@webtv.net
Date: 14 Jan 2008

In the commentary for the last season of Veronica Mars, creator Rob Thomas (not the Matchbox 20 guy) discussed a dropped storyline he said was based on the memory of an old Twilight Zone episode, he thought. I've never watched that show (though I did see the movie a long time ago), but I knew this story. Was it also a short story? Has someone else used the plot on TV or in movies, could it be one of the episodes remade in the movie? Anyone recognize this plot?

WARNING: It does contain a SPOILER, as it's the twist ending that makes the story:

A woman is raped. Much later, she is driving with her husband when she points at a man and shouts, That's the man who raped me. The husband kills the man. Shortly after, the woman points at another man, then another, and says each is the man who raped her. She sees his face everywhere.

Does anyone recognize this story?


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